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Coronavirus Guidance & Regulations

Updated 13/03/2022

Within The Salon...

By attending your appointment we recognise that you have read and understood the following guidance and your are happy with our salon procedure and you are happy to attend your appointment and follow the below rules and regulations.

Now all restrictions have been taken away we still want to ensure a safe and comfortable experience when you visit the salon.

Your Appointment:

Please re arrange your appointment if you think or you know you have Covid-19.

Face Masks:

Face masks are not a legal requirement anymore.

You are more than welcome to wear a facemask for your appointment but at busy periods we would advise you to wear one. If you would like your stylist to wear a mask please just ask. They will check with you to before they start your appointment.

Cleaning routine : 

We have a rota for regular cleaning/disinfection throughout the day. Please ask if you would like to see the schedule.

Extra cleaning will be performed regularly eg. door handles/card machines will be disinfected after they have been used. The toilet will be cleaned/disinfected after every use and single one use hand towels are available.

All equipment will be cleaned after a single use.

Hand Sanitiser:

Hand sanitiser is still on every station and available throughout the salon. Please use this regularly.

Work Stations :

Each station is at least 1m apart.

Each work station including chairs/tools/equipment will be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly between each client.

Ventilation :

We have installed stronger ventilation fans in the ceiling which are running all the time and we have 6 opening windows throughout the main salon which will be open whenever possible.

Social Distancing :

There will be a maximum of 4 stylists working at a time and a receptionist/salon helper working occasionally throughout the week to help out with the extra cleaning duties. 

Towels and Laundry :

All towels and gowns will be washed after each use on a 60c or above wash or sent away to be professionally cleaned. If you would prefer to wear a disposable gown please ask.

Cancellation Policy :

Our normal cancellation policy has been wavered if you are cancelling due do Covid.

Payments :

We would prefer card payments over cash. Contactless payment is preferred.

What we are asking clients to do...

We are asking clients to do the following  to keep everyone as safe as possible :


  • Please come to your appointment on your own.

  • When entering the salon please use hand sanitiser. Hand sanitiser is available throughout the salon.

  • Cancel your appointment if you think or you have Covid-19.

  • Payment by  card is preferred.

  • Please book appointments over the phone or via email rather than just calling in to the salon.

  • Please provide us with your email address so we can send your appointment via email rather than giving you an appointment card.


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