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Blowdry Brush - Large 45mm

Blowdry Brush - Large 45mm


The perfect blowdry brush for medium to long length hair,


Extra Long Barrel:

holds more hair, allowing you to work on larger sections, reducing drying and styling times.

Anti-static: the specially designed coating on the barrel offers the ultimate smoothing service on all hair types, reducing frizz and flyaways and helping your client’s hair look perfect for longer.

Firm yet flexible bristles: the longer bristles are engineered to create a solid grip on the hair but with enough movement to support the hair without causing damage.

Ergonomic Handle: with a super soft grip handle, our blow dry brushes will allow you to maintain complete control over the brush whilst working, but also act as a gentle surface on your hands to prevent any friction or slipping.

Sectioning & Cleaning Tool: stored neatly in the handle of the brush, easily accessible to act as a sectioning tool or for helping keep your brush clean between uses.

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  • Specifications

    Large - 45mm (diameter)

    Length of barrel: 13cm (standard 10cm)

    Weight: 104g

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